1. Decaf Popayan Caucа

Decaf Popayan Caucа

  • Country:
  • Flavor profile:
    Оatmeal cookies, Cocoa, Plum, Red apple
  • Processing:
    Sugarcane decaf
  • Sweetness:
  • Acidity:
  • Bitterness:
  • Variety:
    Colombia, Caturra, Castillo
  • Score:
  • Our recipe for V60:
    • Grind size on EK43 - 8,3;
    • 16g of coffee;
    • 260g of water, temperature: 98℃;
    • 50g of water - bloom for 30 seconds;
    • +50g of water at 0:30;
    • +50g of water at 1:20;
    • +110g of water at 1:50;
    • Total time 4:00.
  • Comment from the roaster (V60):
    "For the souls that crave unlimited filters throughout the day 😌. To make such a luxury happen, coffee is initially processed using the classic washing method, then soaked in hot water, followed by rinsing with a synthesized solution of ethyl acetate and cane sugar. Afterwards, it is washed and dried again. As a result, we obtain a perfectly clean Colombian coffee, which in terms of flavor profile, is similar to washed Ethiopian coffee. It has notes of black tea, apple, plum, and cocoa."
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