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Marcala Comsa Capsules

  • Country:
  • Flavor profile:
    Brownie, Grapefruit, Red wine, Prunes
  • Processing:
  • Variety:
    Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai
  • Score:
  • Amount:
    10 capsules per box
  • Type of coffee machines:
  • Our recipe:
    -Brewing time - 23 sec.
    -Total volume - 24 g.
  • Roaster's comment:
  • Setup instructions:
    1. Fill the water tank with fresh potable water.
    2. Warm up your coffee machine before brewing by running one portion of coffee without a capsule.
    3. Shake and insert a capsule.
    4. To program your machine for a certain brewing time and a certain amount of water, press and hold the button / function you wish to program. Release the button when you have brewed the desired amount of coffee.
    All set. Now, simply press the same button and you get the setting you need for this specific capsule.
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